Elves are human-like beings with lithe features and pointy ears.

Elves are the descendants of the fairies of old. The fairies branched into three: light, water, and earth fairies. Light fairies were favored of the gods and they came to be the high elves. The earth fairies betrayed god and were exiled into darkness and so became dark elves.[1]

High Elves are rare and normal people can not distinguish them from other elves.

Dark Elves are dark skinned with feline features: furry ears and tail, and eyes with slit pupils. They live in the Forest of Khali at a place called Khali Meadow.

Speculative CornerEdit

Though not said in the series, from the information listed above, the most common elf that a person would see (though we have seen quite a few high elves and dark elves, we have yet to see the common type) must look like the high elves and are descent from water fairies.


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