Summary Edit

The battles concludes.


Lauri regains conscious and witnesses Id manhandling Cleon. Lamia urgently asks Id to stop fighting as she knows that his soul is being destroyed by Greydrone's power. Id snaps out of heart mode, but has no memory of recent events. He does not even know how Cleon came to be covered in wounds, even when Cleon yells that he was the one that did it to him. Cleon, believing him, gives Id a necklace containing Ilran's soul. Id's heart starts to hurt as he tries to persuade Cleon from fighting. At that point Lauri attacks Cleon with magic and rants about killing Cleon. Cleon gets up and casts Tears of Lucifer.

Lamia tells Id that it is a magic that can only be stopped by a god and that he must go. Id refuses and summons her to his hand saying, “Lamia, lend me your strength.” Once again he activates his heart then jumps and splits the meteor using Unity of Heaven and Earth: Divine Execution. As it did not work as planed, Id discards Lamia again and uses Twin Dragon Technique to shatter the meteor's remains. His attack was not as strong as it should have as the bracelet on his arm showed up and started to drain his power.

Meanwhile, Irlina, who has been watching from a distance, has even more questions for Id and a mysterious guy watches not far from her.

Id collapses as Lauri stabs Cleon casting Soul Destroyed. Cleon says, “Lets go together... friend.” just before casting Soul Sucker from Hell, one last time. Lauri has a flashback of memories long since sealed away. As the two disappear, Id laments that he could not save anyone and falls unconscious. He regains conscious just long enough to give the necklace to Irlina.

The mysterious man and a someone with a beast-like appearance talk in tree watching a troll the the former had just left dumbfounded. The beast-face asks the man why he is not working on the seals in Sion. The man says that seal reacted to the power of a dragon and were released. The other asks if it could have been Selenia? The man says that she has not left her lair and that the one who did it would have been powerful than her and the dragon that created the seals. The man replies that it matter when the other asks if it was the gods. That man changes topics when the other asks about starting Geruman's plan. He tells him that he found a human that would even beat beast-face. And, that the human is a human who is not human.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Chaos (first appearance; not named)
Mercio (first appearance; not named)
Serenia (mentioned)
Geruman (mentioned)


Translation and quotes by K-manga.

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